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PVC color coextrusio

PVC color coextrusion profile series

PVC color coextrusion profile series
PVC color coextrusion profile series


Provide you with:  PVC color, color 60,65 door windows system, 80,88 sliding doors system

"Cinda Kay" brand UPVC color Quintana, color co-extruded window profiles, the introduction of German technology, from product processing used materials compatibility, aging resistance, high light, heat and anti color shift and other aspects of doing science and technical processing . 
"Cinda Kay" profiles with good thermal conductivity, and the use of multi-chamber structure, it has good insulation properties and sound insulation; profiles reinforced steel cavity added to enhance the intensity profiles, with seismic, wind pressure resistance ; there (Germany BASF) PVC / UPVC color, (U.S. GE) ASA color, PMMA color coextrusion, and profiles of raw materials used to add light, heat stabilizers, UV absorbers and low-temperature impact resistance additives to improve the optical, thermal stability, UV resistance and high temperature mechanical properties, greatly slow down the aging degree.

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