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Performance analysis of aluminum composite windows and doors

Author:Cinda Kay Time:2014-02-07 15:02:34 frequency:

Plastic composite profiles is the company based on market demand , the design and development of new profiles for windows and doors , it is through a special process to composite together by aluminum and plastic profile extrusion machine , that is made of aluminum alloy exterior , the internal use of plastic profiles . Plastic composite profiles specially designed structure, not only on the structural strength and aging structure to meet the needs of the doors and windows , but also has insulation, decorative effect is good , flexible assembly , convenient advantages.
In real life, with the improvement of material and cultural level of the people of the home environment are increasingly high requirements . Building materials has gone through the wooden doors and windows , metal doors , aluminum doors and even now widely used plastic doors and windows , doors and functional and decorative evolving to personalized consumer orientation. As we all know , aluminum doors and plastic windows has its own insurmountable flaws , aluminum windows and doors are the advantages : no distortion, good intensity ; disadvantages are: poor seal , no insulation ; advantages of plastic windows is: good sealing effect , insulation ; Disadvantages are: easy deformation and aging , with the above-mentioned disadvantages they can not meet people in the insulation, decorative, life and other aspects of the requirements , the need for a new type of energy-saving insulation profiles appear to conform to the needs of the market, on the basis of the design and development of plastic composite profiles .
1 , insulation
For most multi-storey building is concerned , 40% -50 % of the heat conduction through the doors to , that is good or bad depends largely on the thermal effect of the choice of door and window materials . Doors and insulation depends on its size in heat transfer , and heat transfer of heat transfer , including through the glass and profiles .
By comparing the profiles of heat transfer can be clearly seen in the respective insulation effect (K value is smaller, the better the insulation ) .
The average heat transfer coefficient (K value ) profiles comparison: ( Unit : W / mk)
Name of aluminum plastic profile shapes plastic composite profiles
The average heat transfer coefficient 174.45 0.13-0.29 0.17-0.29
The actual transfer performance windows ( unit : W / m.k)
Single glass aluminum windows , window plastic window plastic window Shuangbo Shuangbo plastic composite window
The average 4.3-4.6 2.2-3.1 2.3-3.1 6.0-6.7 heat transfer coefficient
From the table we can see that the thermal conductivity of aluminum-plastic composite profiles is 1/ 872 , close to the thermal conductivity of plastic profiles aluminum , aluminum-plastic composite profiles while the overall structure of a three- chamber or multi- chamber can effectively cut off outer thermal conductivity of aluminum , aluminum composite windows and doors to make optimal insulation effect. The State Building Materials Test Center, " Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles for doors and windows making the average heat transfer coefficient (K value ) of 1.98W · (m2 · K) -1.
2 , sealing
To raise the temperature ( or lower ) to a habitable room (25 ℃) process as an example: In the northern winter , the outdoor design temperature 7 ℃ , for example, if the heat released by the heating system is only 600W, aluminum composite windows with double glazing , room temperature than aluminum windows upgrade about 9-10 ℃, even in the hot summer south than using aluminum and thermal break windows can reduce the indoor temperature 1-2 ℃, installation of air conditioning can save about 28 %.
After considering various main factors affecting air permeability and water leakage resistance ( example: drain hole , down wind block , tops, Corner parts of the seal, variant profiles affected by wind pressure , strips Interface etc. ) , after a rigorous and detailed analysis and design , developed countries have been patented corner welding process, this part of the process to solve the water seepage due to the corner , leading to the phenomenon of falling plaster , doors and windows to ensure a watertight and airtight . Combined with plastic profile itself has a good sealing effect , making the composite doors airtight achieve the best results
The doors and windows , using ectopic drainage points , and according to the specifications of the doors and windows , size, quantity designed drainage holes , position and size , strict and reasonable drainage design can not only prevent rainwater ingress, while also addressing the rain once immersed in question can not be successfully discharged
Plastic composite doors due to indoor use of plastic profiles, effectively reducing the sound decibel ( noise ) . Through experiments show that double-glazed aluminum windows and doors to achieve more than 37 db of noise from the bustling downtown street about 3 meters installed plastic composite residential doors and windows can be equivalent to 10 meters from the busy streets of the residential installation of aluminum windows and doors effect .
Fillet weld aluminum composite windows and doors using the method of production. Production of steel doors and windows manufacturers, original equipment on the basis of long welder slightly adjusted , only about 1,000 yuan ( The Company will provide personnel and technical guidance ) , to complete equipment modification . After the equipment modification, can be welded plastic composite profiles . If you need to weld steel, as long as the original weld plate to put slightly adjusted .
3 , durable
" Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles for windows and doors extend the production life of the doors and windows . We all know that plastic profiles by sunlight , easy color change , aging, relatively short life. Mainly because : ① photocatalytic reaction . ② sulfur pollution . When the profiles are acid rain and in strong sunlight , profiles of PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ), CPE ( chlorinated polyethylene ) , ultramarine blue ( silicate -containing polysulfide having a special structure ), CPA ( brighteners ) , lead salt stabilizer ( with two salt 2PbO.PbHP03 · 1 / 2H20 and three salt 3Pb0 · PbSO4 · H2O -based ) substances such as chemical reactions , molecular structure changes , so that profiles fading , discoloration . " Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles using lateral aluminum frame , plastic profiles unique structure inside the box, plastic profile on the interior, first of all, will not be contaminated sulfide in the air , avoiding the sulfur pollution color ; Second, because aluminum has a blocking effect of the glass, small amplitude sunlight photocatalytic reaction hardly occurs , TiO2, ultramarine relatively stable molecular structure , is bound to extend the service life of the profile .
4 , beautiful and practical
Modern life, people are colorful and personalized consumer increasingly demanding. " Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles can be powder coating , electrophoresis coating , etc. The outer aluminum dressed as a variety of colors , shapes not only enhance corrosion, stain resistance, weather resistance , and more decorative . Inner plastic profile due to reduced sunlight, it can be processed to become graining and color profiles to meet the needs of individual users .
5 , green energy
" Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles as a new energy-saving materials, to meet the current needs of the times , in line with national building materials to promote the application requirements , the fundamental reason is that : ① " Cinda Kay " aluminum composite windows separated due to good insulation heat sealing performance , reduces indoor heat loss , thereby significantly reducing primary energy consumption, to achieve energy savings . ② " Cinda Kay " plastic composite profiles scientific and rational use of aluminum , saving state resources ( aluminum need to extract from nature ) , shout less pollution to the external environment . Therefore, as a new energy saving profiles profiles, " Hensel " plastic composite profiles for windows and doors profiles will become the promotion and application of new direction .
6 , dimensional stability
Every person is exposed to plastic composite profiles , will produce such a question is how to solve the aluminum plastic profiles different expansion coefficients of the problem , will make you answer the following : In the outdoor temperature at 45 ℃ for example disabilities to 15 ℃ anchored ( doors and windows fitted temperature between 15-25 ℃ ) , to compare the size of the change to see two profiles :
Expansion coefficient profiles
1 / ℃ length change
mm / m -45 ℃ length change
mm / m 10 / ℃ length change
mm / m 15 / ℃ length change
mm / m 20 ℃ length change
mm / m 45 ℃
Aluminum 2.4 × 10.5 -1.08 0.24 0.35 0.72 1.08
Plastic Profile 7.0 × 10.5 -3.15 0.7 1.05 2.1 3.15
( 1 ) at -30 ℃ , the size of the rate of change of the aluminum -0.72mm; dimensional change plastic profile is relatively large, but it is being placed in the room, we all know that the temperature of the room should be the most livable between 15-25 ℃, room temperature should not be less than the minimum 10 ℃, plastic profiles dimensional change at this time was to 0.35mm, change is the difference between the two sections of 0.37mm, very small.
(2 ) even in the hot summer months, the outdoor temperature reaches 45 ℃ temperature , the room temperature will not exceed 30 ℃, plastic profile change was 1.05mm, the size of the rate of change of aluminum 0.72mm, the size of the two profiles changes difference of 0.33mm, completely negligible .
( 3 ) Cinda Kay on plastic profile production formula , developed a set of its own unique formula system , closer to the maximum coefficient of expansion of the two sections , so that the overall profile of the most perfect composite together. During the assembly of the doors and windows painted parts Corner Corner gum which have a certain flexibility , can reduce the impact of the rate of change in two different sizes for doors and windows profiles , see the overall effect from the windows , change the size of the two profiles are almost synchronization is not necessary to consider the influence of the dimensional change .
7 , high quality , affordable
Aluminum composite windows and doors not only saves the cost of investment in the production of doors and windows , even a window in sales is also an advantage. Aluminum composite windows and doors as a new energy-saving insulation windows and doors, not only to meet the needs of users in the use of the function, and give developers and producers bring considerable economic benefits , will become a developer in home sales in a new selling point, can also bring benefits for the user . When purchasing windows have the same effect of thermal insulation , aluminum composite windows and doors than the price of similar products . Relative to spend the money they save to buy compared to the quality and performance are superior goods, I believe certainly be consumers.
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