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Sill pan of water to pour a common problem with indoor water seepage prevention

Author:Cinda Kay Time:2014-02-07 15:05:37 frequency:

First, pour the pan of water to the interior windowsill common problem with water seepage prevention
    1 , phenomena and hazards
Rainwater intrusion along the sill plate to the room , destroyed the interior, affecting indoor appearance.
    2 , analysis
Chisel crack when installing prefabricated wall sill plate , plate Xiazuo pulp loose , so that rainwater flows to the box along the wall and into the room from the window sill seam panels . Under the window frame and sill plate there is a gap , watertight poor.
Window lintel , sill and did not make drip water slope. Outdoor windowsill above the indoor window sill .
Sill plate plaster layer makes sailing slope or slope inwards and sill plates cracking and other defects causing leakage of water .
    3 , preventive measures
Outdoor windowsill should be less than 20 mm is appropriate indoor window sill and set sails slope, drainage flow. Next frame should be set outside the box sealing plate . Galvanized sheet aluminum sliding windows and dark track down box should be set to scupper to track timely discharge rainwater tank landing . Gap between the window frame and the interior and exterior metal sill plates sealant must be closed to ensure water tightness, prevent leakage.
Outdoor windowsill should do fine aggregate concrete cushion , pouring concrete compacting pressure must be laid firmly bonded , and should enhance the conservation prevent shrinkage and plastic cracks.
Outdoor windowsill facing layer of cement mortar should be strictly controlled ( micro-expansion mortar ) water-cement ratio , to fully wet grass before plastering and paint pigment slurry should be binding layer , thickness should be uniform , dense plaster should be combined with a solid TROWELING , I stand under the frame to be full of dense ash inlay , pressure tight . Window lintel , sill should make adequate drip and water slope. Drip depth and width of not less than 10 mm, water gradient of 10% , see Figure 2-2. Some exterior wall -mount ceramic mosaic tiles , brick strip of water gathering strong , with drip and water gradient, can promptly scattered rain guide out . Conservation should be strengthened for the decorative layer ( liquid concrete curing regimen ) to prevent dehydration produces cement mortar shrinkage cracks .
Outdoor windowsill cracking, easy to penetrate from the cracks in the rain , in order to avoid cracks in the window sill , in addition to strengthening the foundation ring beam rigidity and additional layers , we should also try to postpone the windowsill plastering time, so be stable after the settlement structure . After the windowsill plaster conservation should be strengthened to prevent mortar shrinkage cracks.
    4 , treatment methods
Between the window frame and the next frame on the window sill there are gaps and cracks in the wall of the processing methods : the gap can be cleaned , brushing waterproof glue filling them with sealant . Its color should be the same colors .
Window lintel , sill no dripping chiseling should make do , no running water sill slope gradient should also be carved , cast polymer cement mortar , smooth compaction pressure light , good conservation .
    Second, the door frames surrounding seepage cracks
    A phenomenon
    Water seepage points around door frames , especially under the corner of the window , resulting in interior paint peeling, moldy , baseboards or window panels appear black, and other end of the wall .
    2 , analysis
    (L) the expansion coefficients of large plastic profiles . Under temperature, door frames appear with the contact interface wall cracks , and not filling them with sealant to form seepage channels.
    ( 2 ) the sash is fastened with tang fight between the larger spacing material , fastening screws tightness , so the sash material connection with the fight between the jamb is not tight , the formation of cracks, and not sealed with a sealing material.
    ( 3) The sliding window is not open trough decline drainage holes or drainage holes are blocked by mortar.
    3 , preventive measures
    (L) line of plastic profiles expansion coefficient greater value expansion and contraction caused by temperature differences of up to 10mm. After the installation of plastic windows and doors in order to ensure the freedom of expansion and contraction in the frame off the wall with cracks should be caulked elastic material , such as closed-cell foam , polystyrene foam , forming joints . If a single frame while outside doors sealed with cement mortar , due to the different expansion coefficients of the two materials , the course of time will produce cracks , impact windows watertight, air tightness and sound insulation properties , it should be inside and outside the window frame caulking with a sealing material .
    ( 2 ) around the sides of the window frame should be leaving in the slot , the slot embedded Note sealant to seal deal . Note inlay sealing materials , attention should remove floating dust mortar , so that the sealing material with window frames , wall firmly bonded , and to check whether the sealing material is continuous , with or without gaps and so on.
    ( 3 ) frame material should be the same fight card access door frames , and then bi- tighten the bolts , the spacing should be less than or equal to 600mm, to the extent consistent tightening , avoiding warpage generated frame gap , splice and application of fastening bolts sealing materials for reliable sealing .
    ( 4 ) fell trough the window and sliding sash must open blocked drainage holes . From the drain hole provided in the corner of the window frame at 20 ~ 140mm , aperture of 4mm × 35mm, the pitch is preferably 600mm. Caution should be taken to avoid opening with a reinforced steel cavity . After the installation should be checked whether there is blockage of the drainage holes , the assurance of water inside the slot smoothly discharged.
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